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Fiovana is easy to enjoy but we sometimes receive a few questions about our drinks. If you have any questions that your can't find below then simply email us at and we'll get back to you. 
Here are the most common questions:
1. How do I use Fiovana?
The basics are easy: pour enough cordial to just cover the bottom of your glass, add still or sparkling water, drink. But like making a cup of tea, you might like yours stronger, with more water, with ice or without.  Each bottle makes about ten drinks – depending on how much you pour in a glass. Feeling adventurous? Then add to hot water, conjure up a cocktail or drizzle over ice cream.
2. Do I need to keep my drinks in the fridge?
We don't use anything artificial in our drinks, so they're best enjoyed within three weeks of opening and best kept in the fridge. 
3. Where can I buy Fiovana?
You can buy our drinks in shops or have them delivered to your home, click here for our web shop. 
4. What's coconut nectar?
Instead of using refined sugar, we sweeten our drinks with nectar from the flowers of coconut trees. It's high in calcium and potassium without giving you the highs and lows of refined sugar.
5. And superfruit?

We also use superfruit concentrates that are naturally high in vitamins and minerals. For example Goji Berries, that are high in fibre, vitamin C and minerals, and have more iron in them than spinach.