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The Armchair Personal Trainer

Ways to make your life a bit healthier.

Mel Yates, G&G


Want to try some super health bars and protein? You’re in luck.
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Their range includes over 30 award-winning natural, nutritious and outrageously delicious bars and protein powders including 3 superfood-rich Fruit & Nut Bars that are a perfect partner for our cordials.

Vegan, nutritious, mouth-watering and packed full of goodness, choose from:  
Raspberry & Açai
Berry & Beetroot 
Cacao & Raisin

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Find The Fiovana Five Competition

Find The Fiovana Five Competition

While 330 Sainsbury’s stores have been busy putting our cordial on their shelves, we’ve gone and hidden 5 bottles in 5 different Sainsbury’s across the country. It’s like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets except we’ve got super fruit cordial rather than chocolate and £200 for you rather than a visit to our factory ( which would be quite boring by the way - no Oompa Loompas there).

So get yourself to your closest Fiovana–stocking Sainsbury’s, buy a bottle or two, rip that tear strip off and see if it reveals a secret 3 letter word on the cap. If it does, you’ve probably won £200 so get in touch with us and send us a picture of your receipt and winning cap.

The following are the Terms and Conditions relevant to the 'Find the Fiovana Five in Sainsbury's & Win £200" competition announced and started 22/01/2019:

  1. Participants must find winning bottles which will have a 3 letter word hidden under the tear strip on the top of the cap.
  2. The prizes are as follows: 5 x £200 cash, non transferable.
  3. Although all cash is available to be won, there is no guarantee that each set of £200 will be won (eg: if winning bottle is not found, if cash prize is not claimed).
  4. The competition starts 22/01/2019 and finishes 28/02/2019.
  5. There are 5 winning bottles hidden in 5 different Sainsbury’s locations.
  6. If competition participants repost announcement photo and caption on their feed, they are entitled to location & store specific clues as to where the bottles are hidden.
  7. Clues will be sent within a 1 week delay.
  8. Potential winners must email photo of cap and photo of proof of purchase to the following email address:
  9. Prize winners will receive £200 within 30 days of winning confirmation.
  10. Winners will receive prize by cheque sent by Royal Mail Recorded delivery.
  11. Participants can only win 1 prize. Multiple entries from the same person will be disqualified.
  12. Competition is open to UK residents aged 18 and over only.
  13. The prizes cannot be won by Fiovana Drinks employees or any of their family members.
  14. This competition is in no way endorsed, sponsored or administered by Instagram or Sainsbury’s.
  15. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  16. Fiovana reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or these terms and conditions, but will always...

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What's in a name?

Names count. Where would Reginald Kenneth Dwight be without becoming Elton John, or if tech giant BackRub never swapped to Google?

We’ve been thinking about our name recently. When we started making cordials, we took inspiration from the English countryside by fusing together elderflower and meandering brooks to create Elderbrook. We loved it, and still do. Our recipes were simpler then too, with ingredients you will have heard of, like, raspberries, cranberries and blueberries.

As we've grown, our flavours have become more exotic and include better-for-you ingredients, some you may not have heard of, like, baobab, maca, and yerba mate. Elderbrook started to feel less relevant and after much discussions, we decided to make a change.

The word 'change' nicely sums up what our cordials do to water, and became the inspiration behind our new name - Fiovana. It means 'change' in Madagascar, where our Craig worked on a project a few years ago. Madagascar is full of colour, exotic fruits, and nature. All things that we feel represent what we're about.  It felt like a perfect fit, and after testing the idea with friends we decided to make the leap.

You'll continue to find our better-for-you cordials using superfruits from around the world at, the only thing that has changed is the name.

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Better-for-you plants

The story of plants is long. They first appeared on earth about 700 million years ago and have since evolved into the weird and wonderful. Take Nepenthes Attenboroughli as an example. It looks like a green kitchen jug, harmless enough until you take a peek inside and discover a concoction of acids and enzymes.  Unlucky mice and rats fall into it, are digested, never to be seen again. And yes, it was named after the far kinder natured David Attenborough.

Lucky for us, most plants are not the carnivorous type and make a nice addition to the office. According to NASA, some even have the ability to purify air and eliminate certain airborne impurities. Sounds good, so here’s our top pick of better-for-you plants.

1. Areca Palm

Like donning on Versace and making an entrance? Then the Areca Palm is for you. They grow big, bold and command attention. Most are purchased as pups and then add an iPhone in height every year until they could give Usain Bolt a run for his money. They love bright airy rooms so make sure you have enough space for them grown up in.

2. Peace Lilly

Keep things posh, pretty and do your bit for a harmonious world with a Peace Lilly. They’re very popular and great if your green fingers are a little forgetful since they rarely need watering. They may be small but are excellent at keeping air fresh. Keep them sparkling with the occasional damp cloth wipe down.

3. Snake Plant

Remember the “If everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagon” adverts in 80s? Well, if VW made plants, this would be it. Stick one in the corner, water every fortnight and it will purr away as happy as a kitten’s first encounter with catnip. And while it’s not bothering you, NASA has shown it’s one of the best plants to remove some of those not so friendly impurities in the air. 

4. Philodendron

Become a plant whisperer with a Philodendron, they (kind of) talk to you. They love the indoors and will love you more if you place them in bright, indirect sunlight. Place near a window but where the sun never catches its leaves. If they start looking a droopy that’s its...

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Better-for-you cordials

We’re not the type to endure the Marathon Des Sables, fast twice a week or purge our bodies on a detox break. Nor do we want to dine at the golden arches, glug on spoonsful of sugar or dunk a donut in our morning coffee. 

For us, life is about making better choices that are easy to stick with. And when it comes to cordials, there are three differences that make Elderbrook a better-for-you choice compared to others you might find in a supermarket. 

No added water.

We think it’s a little odd to use water as an ingredient in bottles of cordials, so we don’t do it. When you buy a bottle of Elderbrook, our promise to you is that you’re buying nothing but ingredients. No added water, ever.

No refined sugar.

We believe when it comes to soft drinks, we should all be cutting down the refined sugar without upping the artificial ingredients. We use coconut nectar rather than white granules to sweeten our drinks. It contains naturally occurring sugar and helpful things like vitamin C and minerals. We add a little stevia leaf too that helps keep our drinks naturally sweet. What this all means is that if you swapped out a daily glass of regular supermarket cordial for Elderbrook, you’d drink 2.3KG less of sugar each year.

Better-for-you ingredients.

The fact is, some ingredients have more about them than the rest and we put some in our drinks.  There’s only a small amount in each bottle so we can’t promise everlasting youth, waves of energy or sprouting wings but we’re the nutritional heavy weights of cordials. We also hope that knowing the difference between a mulberry and maca means you’ll start looking out for a few better-for-you ingredients to add to your meals (or drinks). 

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